Q: Are you Legit ?

A: Been selling toys since I was 15, providing the best price around the Country. Will always price match all my competitors.

Q: How can I get ahold of you ? 

A: My email is neosanchez12@yahoo.com

My Facebook Page is: https://www.facebook.com/Toy-Ninja-1098802096882718/

You can facebook message anytime for any info on your orders.

Q: My item broke, can you fix it ?

A: If the item was opened broken we can offer a replacement, if you personally break it we can't offer replacement but will get you ahold of the manufacturer.  

Q: Can I cancel a order ?

A: Yes you can but their is a 10% fee on Canceling. So Please Consider your Order!

Q: Do I pay preorders upfront ?

A: Due to new policies we require half deposit on all pre-order orders now.

Q: How do I place a pre-order ?

A: You will be given 2 options in which you pay half deposit or completely pay it off  (so choose between full or half deposit) then add to cart and check out. Then expect a email to pay the 2nd Half of your Deposit so it can be ship off to you !

Q:What's Back-order?

A: Back-Order means figures we can order direct from our suppliers then we ship to you. The process usually takes (4-5 Days).